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I love it when he

Posted: 3 months ago - Dec 04, 2023

Love is fun and beautiful, but as a gurl I have come to realize what I prefer about being loved or the act of love making. It starts with two persons who are attracted to each other, either due to having some fun together, or a mutual attraction. This attraction will take us to a more romantic opportunity that each of us will explore, either in an animalistic approach or with just because we are there and able too. For me to have a man who wants me, desires me and needs me to make him feel needed, that is my goal. I gues sex does make me feel better but when I have a man on top of me, moaning, groaning, breathig heavy and talking dirty to me .. oh my. I think really what I like is his facial reaction, seeing his face change as he experiences pleasure, and deep lust because I am there. I love feeling his lips on my tities, and his warm breath, it brings me to almost orgasm feeling his lips on my skin and nipples. When he licks me or nibles a little this also makes we want him even more. Having his hands all over me, on my ass, or my shoulders pulling me to him or moving me where he wants me to be, all I know is that he feels better as he moves me around.

I also enjoy him as he pushes my head over his cock when I am giving him a blow job. One of my favorite things to do is to groom a mans cock, especially if he is harry and needs a trim. I will wash his cock, with sweet smelling soap and rinse with warm water. Then I brush the hair and trim so nicely making sure not to cut him, all the while keeping him hard. Eventually I get the hair very short and then I can put it in my mouth without getting all fury, lol. The whole process of holding his cock in my hand while I clean and trim him. You can see the fear in his eyes, afraid that I will cut more than just his little hairs, but he loves how my hands feel, how my nails feel as I lightly scratch him.

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